In a world where consumers’ pockets can continually be bleeded out by titles such as Call of DLC and No Man’s Lie, Guerrilla Games has restored humanity’s faith through the release of it’s latest IP, Horizon: Zero Dawn. This is an open world masterpiece that deserves unfaltering praise for its compelling narrative and exhilarating gameplay. Set in an apocalyptic future where mechanical animals roam free and humans have reverted back into tribal groups, you get to play as Aloy, an outcast with a mysterious past. Her journey is one of discovery, as you get to unravel the world at large, whilst searching for answers to her identity.


The biggest asset Horizon has, is it’s sublime bow and arrow gameplay. Throughout the 60 hour play through, not once do you ever get bored with the shooting mechanics and the countless weapons/skills that can be unlocked. Penetrating your arrows at a Sawtooth as its mechanical body crumbling is a feeling to behold, with the safe knowledge that you won’t be triggering the wrath of PETA any time soon. With countless side quests to complete, foraging of various resources for crafting and Cauldrons to explore, Horizon offers the player a myriad of activities that is only rivalled by titles such as Witcher 3. Horizon is also one of the most visually impressive games to date, making that investment on the PS4 Pro finally worth it.


Sure, the most prevalent criticism of the game is that it is heavily reliant on so many other games that it would probably cause Turnitin a seizure if it was ever submitted for plagiarism. Yet when the gameplay is so awesome in a world built with attention to detail, all that is wrong can be forgiven. Unless you’re a Zelda zealot, Horizon Zero Dawn is the game to kick start 2017 – and what a game it is.